Diet-Disease Solution

  • Nutrient & Glycemic index analysis consultancy
  • Structured lifestyle programme for workplace wellness
  • Public nutrition education programmes & activities
  • High impact dialogue & seminars with stakeholders on key diet and disease related issues
  • Strategic partnerships – health – related industry

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Food, Health and Safety

  • Provide training in food safety
  • Certified courses in food service management and accreditation for hospitals
  • Collaboration with relevant stakeholders

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Nutrients and GI Lab

  • Secure external grants
  • Research seminar series
  • Publications
  • Translational research
  • Expand network of contacts – internationalisation
  • Seminar series & research talks

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Public Outreach

  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Partnering & collaboration
  • Resources

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Transform nutrition through innovations to promote

  1. Improve human health and well-being through driving innovations in personalised nutrition.
  2. Contribute to solving diet and lifestyle-related diseases for the nation.
  3. Conduct innovative research and build reputation in food & clinical nutrition related areas.
  4. Provide expertise and consultancy services in food and clinical nutrition matters to industry and relevant parties.
  5. Provide knowledge and skills building to professionals and public on food and clinical nutrition matters.
  6. Influence national policy on improving food and clinical nutrition matters for the population.
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